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Bienvenidos a la página personal de Alvaro Solache
Alvaro vive actualmente en Leon.
Trabaja en varios proyectos siendo teamtowers y comunitats.org a los que más tiempo dedica.
Puedes ampliar info sobre sus proyectos vía su curriculum

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jueves, abril 15, 2004


Wiki Profesional

Atlassian - Confluence es un espacio de espacios colaborativos basado en la idea de wikis y weblogs.

Interesante y gratis para proyectos open source y solidarios.


Starting Points

Starting Points : "StartingPoints of a dozen varieties, es un ejemplo de diferentes formas de realizas puntos de partida en un dominio Wiki, por servidor wiki entiendo una colección de wikis alojadas en un mismo dominio.

Aki tan:

RoadMaps that introduce the largest topics
RecentVisitors who have left their names
RecentChanges recorded automatically
MoreAboutMechanics of browsing and editing on this server
TipsForBeginners from other users
WikiCategories as an organization method
RandomPages as a non-organized method

Se te ocurren otros?


Buenas maneras a la hora de usar un Wiki

Good Style es una página que indica las buenas maneras a la hora de usar un Wiki:

-Write factual information.
-Give concrete advice.
-Use the ThirdPerson when possible, as this makes editing and elaboration easier.
-Write and sign first person accounts when reporting experience not easily reduced to facts or advice.
-Place words where they are easy to read, which isn't always at the bottom.
Edit pages to emphasize the flow of ideas, not the chronology of contribution.
-Be concise and stay OnTopic for the page.
-Use language you'd be comfortable reading out loud - use vs utilize - and keep it simple. Simple language often communicates better.
-The server has very simple TextFormattingRules. Start each line without spaces and separate paragraphs with a blank line. You can run capitalized words together to make HyperLinks.
-Use horizontal separators to make things easier to read. When there are lots of different comments with no separation, they can get confusing.
-Edit only when you think a page is lacking - don't just sign your name at the bottom of every page.


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